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Is Twitter down? Thousands of druggies complain of issues with social media website and app

Thousands of Twitter druggies have reported problems with the social media platform this autumn.

further than 5,000 people have complained of issues on the Down Sensor point, including the incapability to recoup tweets, missing timelines and followers fading.

It isn’t clear what the cause of the problems is or how long they will last. The company is yet to note.

Reports of the outage began on Down Sensor at 1219 pm and have continued throughout the day. Three hours latterly, the same issues persist and druggies are getting frustrated.

Some wrote on the outage monitoring point “ I ca n’t believe how long this has been going on for now, ” and “ This is just getting beyond a joke now. ”

nearly half of the issues reported are on the app, a third on the website and the rest on Twitter’s feed.

For those who are still suitable to use Twitter,#TwitterDown and#RateLimitExceeded are the top two trending hashtags.

druggies have reported entering the communication ‘ rate- limit exceeded ’ on their For You runner, a runner generally conforming ofnon-stop particular, curated content.

A stoner who entered this communication said “ Dear Twitter, I’m not rate limited as there’s no rate limit- kind this out NOW! ”

numerous druggies are looking to Twitter’s proprietor, Elon Musk, for answers.


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