ravelling may mean many things for many people. If we open up dictionaries, they give many meanings of travelling. Someone may be on a trip or journey. For another group, travelling may mean going from one place to another as a travel agent, salesman, for business purpose, or studies. Light also travels from one object to another. Again, in some games like basketball, breaking a certain rule may mean travelling.

However if we take all the definitions of travelling, they are all directly or indirectly related to learning. All these activities make us come into contact with human beings, places and experiences. But there may be some travelling which are specifically for learning purposes. The most popular of them are related to students and researchers. In today’s systematic learning process the Arab saying “Seek knowledge even as far as China” is much suitable. Travelling automatically suits here as process of learning. It is the literal movement from one place to another than watch television to acquire knowledge. Journeys shown in television and internet videos still seem quite metaphorical. When we travel, we literally collect valuable facts about those places. The Chinese proverb also stresses upon travelling saying that “Traveling ten thousand miles is equivalent to reading ten thousand books”. The visual, auditory and sensory gets engaged in travelling. We also get emotionally engaged when we literally travel for knowledge and learning. And when we share back our travelling-experiences then our own creativity gets explored too. It is a holistic and wholesome exercise.


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